Sexual Erection Disease

Impotence is known as the erectile disability, that is trouble getting or keeping up with erection during sex. This is one of the serious problems for men as it can create various problems including relationship issues. If you have an on and off problem with erection, it may not be of any concern. But if you have an ongoing problem with keeping up with erection it can cause serious trouble. It is always better to see a doctor, there is no need to be ashamed of it. A proper medical checkup is always the best way out of such situations.


The male sexual erection is not as simple as it seems it is a complex process that includes, hormones, emotions, muscles, nervous system, heart, and the brain. This is how mental and physical issues can cause or worsen erectile dysfunction.


Physical Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction:

Minor physical problems can also contribute to erectile dysfunction. Some of the common causes may be:

  1. Serious heart diseases.
  2. Parkinson’s disease.
  3. Diabetes
  4. Atherosclerosis ( clogged blood vessels)
  5. High insulin intake
  6. High cholesterol
  7. Low testosterone
  8. Cancer of prostate
  9. Sleeping disorder
  10. Pyronine’s disease.

Psychological Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction:

Your brain is the key to all emotions and physical movements. It triggers the body parts for actions, the erection is a series of somatic events directed by the mind. Feelings and other things also interfere with the sexual feelings for a man. The psychiatric causes may involve:

  1. Depression
  2. Stress
  3. Poor communication with a partner causing relationship problems.


Eating a healthy diet and having a regular session of gym or exercise can keep you fit a away from almost any medical unfitness. Doctors usually advise the patients to change their lifestyle to a healthy one. Before going for a surgery or harsh treatments they try to cure it naturally. Treatments may be more like:

  1. Cutting of unhealthy habits like tobacco and drugs. Also, try to avoid a lot of alcohol.
  2. Health counseling
  3. Performing sensual exercises
  4. Stopping medicines that might be the cause of the issues. And swapping them with ones that might help cure both problems.
  5. Prescribing medicines that may help with the erection.

What Medicines May Help?

Doctors may prescribe you medicines according to your complication and case. These pills are usually sildenafil( example Viagra), tadalafil (example Cialis), vardenafil( example Levitra) and mostly Kamagra (that combines Viagra and sildenafil) it is one the highest-rated by man. The medicine Kamagra helps restore the proper body functions in a man, this way they can maintain or achieve an erection.


Before using any of these medicines be sure to check with your doctor, whether it is safe to use them or not. This is because these pills are injurious to heart patients, as some of the heart patients take medicines that contain nitrates. Usually, doctors prescribe these medicines along with counseling for depression and anxiety. While at times the simplest way is to talk to your partner about the problem. You may be able to avoid the problem by simply relaxing even.


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